At New Era World School, Guriani, we are on a mission to transform the world one child at a time. We believe that education should not confine learners to a syllabus but expose them to life. To be the individuals who will take charge of the world tomorrow, our children have to have the necessary Life Skills and the right Attitude.

We offer numerous opportunities and platforms to Delfites so that they not only discover themselves but also create themselves. These opportunities to rub shoulder with life are significantly greater for Class XI & XII be it through the leadership roles they get or through inculcating Entrepreneurial skills as our young learners of class XI cultivate themselves to be job creators rather than job seekers.

Our Academic Outcomes too have consistently celebrated this culture of transformation that we stand for. Over the years, academic excellence has been the hallmark of our school. Ours is a school that has seen a steady track record of excellence in academics because Nurturing the achievers and cultivating the winners has been our sanctimonious mission since past years and this ideology has been successfully implemented throughout our journey with the school churning State and District toppers.