Where setting new benchmarks of Academic Excellence is a constant quest;

Where Being Humane is a foundational necessity;

Where Character Building forms the core of our being.

Founded in 2015,New ERA World School is an evolving, achieving and a progressive 21st century school. It is a school that prides itself in being both traditional and innovative at the same time; which nurtures achievers who excel and outperform themselves; which cultivates winners who look inwards to grow outwards.
It is known to be a trendsetter as a ‘thinking school’ with a collective emphasis on creating thinkers, innovators and questioners, encouraged not just to discover themselves but to create themselves. The school is working towards sustaining a thinking culture through a conscious shift from making children study to letting children learn.

Committed to experiential learning, the school fosters learning through experimentation that is deemed vital in the preparation for life and where developing self-belief & optimism are considered priorities.
 Each of our numerous scientific researches and inventions over the last few years have been conceptualized to better the lives of people around us.

We are a humanised school where each learner is nurtured under a philosophy that transcends mere learning, where there is a child-centred approach, where teaching breaks new ground and where the way of life goes beyond percentages and prizes.
Our school remains committed to our philosophy of transforming the world, one child at a time. We are driven by the thinking that every child is unique, and should advance. No learner can be left behind. If our learners don’t learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn! We offer our learners ample opportunities to explore their own potential. A special year-long program ‘Learners on the Way’ to assist in overcoming learning difficulties is a united and sustained effort of Coordinators, Counsellors, Mother Teachers and Parents. Through integrated remedial classes, teachers empathetically try to reach out to render a personal touch and unearth difficulties.

The school also empowers entrepreneurship in education, one of the significant needs of the 21st century global education system. The school enterprise club, ‘Money Plant’, engages commerce students in real life business, applying what they study in classroom to actual challenges and practical situations. It has successfully established a socially responsible and profitable business at school. Our young learners cultivate themselves as job creators rather than job seekers. Through integrated remedial classes, teachers empathetically try to reach out to render a personal touch and unearth difficulties. The knowledge, skills, and values learnt at NEWS stay with students throughout their lives.

Over the past two decades, nurturing students for the future has remained one of the primary focus areas. To that end, ample opportunities, mentorship, and guidance are provided to students, aimed not just at fostering academic success, but also at cultivating good values, strong character, leadership, teamwork and good communication.