Our Vision

Our defining aim is: Preparing caring, courageous and concerned citizens – of the world, for the world!

Our Mission

To embark each learner on a journey of Self Discovery and Self Learning thereby creating committed, socially responsible global citizens who are nurtured in a safe, child-centered empowering 21st century environment rooted in Indian culture.

The Quality Objectives

  • To create 21st century independent learners who enjoy learning and in the process discover their strengths, form a realistic self-image, and learn to be.
  • To provide a safe child-centered thinking space where they learn through exploration; experimentation and research.
  • To promote sharing and expanding knowledge through team work, peer learning and peer evaluation.
  • To nurture living souls; caring and concerned, socially responsible individuals who are sensitized to human needs and understand the value of giving back to society , who are capable of being change agents.
  • To prepare global citizens who embody the Indian value system and can shoulder the responsibility of making India a superpower of the future.
  • To create winners by taking every Delfite to greatness; nurturing his unique strengths and ensuring at the same time that no learner is left behind!